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What is anti-static overalls?

In general, the anti-static work is mainly in the workplace to prevent the accumulation of static arising, in particular, is the anti-static clothing is made of a conductive material or made of insulating material with anti-static work clothes, it can Static electricity generated when people work through the workwear in the special material strangled in the cradle, put an end to the danger of electrostatic discharge. Some work on the environment is very high, made it clear that there can not be static, and if there is static electricity affect the quality of the product is only a trivial matter, if the fire or explosion caused by the threat to the lives of employees is very serious . The emergence of anti-static overalls to help people solve the disturbing static electricity, in advance to prevent the production of static electricity.

Which industries need anti-static overalls?

Coal, petroleum, natural gas, instrumentation, chemical and chemical industries that require static electricity, as well as flammable and explosive atmospheres such as dust in the air.

Wear anti-static overalls need to pay attention to what?

1, wear anti-static overalls, need to be used in conjunction with anti-static shoes. The company is located in:

2, the use of anti-static overalls After a period of time, anti-static clothing should be promptly checked, if the service fails, it can not be used. The company is located in:

3, are not allowed to wear anti-static clothing or wear any metal objects. Metal tools should be placed in anti-static overalls overalls clothing band, metal parts are prohibited.

4, are not allowed to wear or remove work clothes at the scene of the operation of static-sensitive products (should be changed in the designated locker room). Buttons overalls should be fastened, try not to put it in the state near the strip. The company is located in:

5, please buy regular manufacturers of anti-static overalls, and before the use of coveralls to make the quality of the relevant testing to ensure foolproof.

Anti-static uniform performance standards

Anti-static clothing style requirements in line with national standards GB12014-2009, which is characterized by: "three tight-style" (tight neckline, cuff tight, hem tight) Bottoms, Bottoms for straight trousers; Clothing generally do not use metal accessories, if you must use, the surface should be added placket, metal accessories shall not be directly exposed

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