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How to do a good job of personal protection welding work

Welding process, the more common hazards include: arc radiation, toxic gases and fumes, high temperature scald, strong noise and so on. Analysis of harmful factors, now welding protection Products:

Molten Metal Splash Protective

1. Eye face protection: mainly arc radiation (welding radiation mainly UV, infrared and visible) protection. Protective products are, welding protective goggles (such as 3M 10197 welding goggles, honeywell 1008111 anti-fog welding goggles), auto-dimming welding mask (such as 3M Speedglas 9002D welding mask)

2. Respiratory protection: mainly for the protection of toxic gases and fumes. Toxic gases are mainly carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, hydrogen fluoride, ozone, etc .; toxic fumes are iron oxide, manganese oxide, silicon dioxide and fluoride, manganese toxicity of strong toxicity. Protective products, welding masks (such as 3M 8515 welding masks, 3M 8514 welding protective masks), gas masks (such as 3M 3200 dust combination, 3M 6200 dust combination, Meisian gas masks), long tube respirator Such as dehsm long tube respirator, 3M S series long tube respirator), electric air supply respirator (such as 3M jupiter electric air supply respirator) and so on.

3 hand protection: mainly for high temperature scald protection. Recommended to wear welding gloves (such as Bacou 2012847 welding gloves, Delta 205515 welding gloves), high temperature gloves (such as Bacou 2280673 high temperature gloves) and so on.

4. Body protection: mainly high-temperature burns and arc damage. Protective products are, welding protective clothing (such as Fyrban flame resistant clothing, Delta 405,366 flame resistant clothing), welding aprons and so on.

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5. Hearing protection: the main welding noise generated plasma cutting and plasma spraying. Noise protection earbuds such as 3M 1110 earbuds, 3M 1270 wired earbuds, earmuffs (3M H7A headband earmuffs, 3M H10A headband earmuffs) and the like can be used.

6. Foot protection: welding high temperature particles such as Mars damage. Protective products are, safety shoes (Bacou BC0919701 safety shoes, Honeywell SP2012201 safety shoes, Dear tower 301102 low to help safety shoes).

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