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Precautions for the use of protective respirators

The use of common sense of protective mask, this chapter mainly through the form of question and answer, explain the question that people use dustproof mask in daily life to answer.

Q: what is a dustproof mask?

Answer: Anti - particle dustproof mask is a kind of respirator, the main protection object is particle. It includes dust, fog, smoke and microbes. The particles that can enter the deep part of human lungs are very small. The particle size is usually below 7 microns, which is very harmful to health. It is the main cause of various pneumoconiosis diseases, and it is also the main protective object of particle respirator.

Question: the suitability of the respirator

Answer: the best dustproof mask is not alone to see if the mask really plays a protective role. Another important choice is suitability. No universal design is suitable for everyone's face. At present, the certification and testing of particle respirator does not guarantee that respirators are suitable for every specific user. If there is leakage, the air pollutants will enter the respiratory area from the leak, so the unsuitable respirator can not provide effective protection.

Q: what is a N95 mask?

Answer: the United States is the N95 NIOSH (National Institute for occupation safety and health) a minimum anti particles respirator filter efficiency level with the American occupation, which specified in the standard test conditions of non oil particles (such as dust, paint mist, mist and microorganism) filtration efficiency of at least 95%.

Question: can the ordinary gauze mask effectively protect the dust particles in the air?

Answer: the use of gauze mask when the respirator is used is the biggest mistake in using the respirator. A gauze mask is not a protective mask. As early as 2000, the government banned the use of gauze mask as a dustproof in the workplace. The ability of filtration efficiency and air pollution isolation mask is the two most important technical indexes of protective masks, gauze masks not only the filtration efficiency is very low, the mask has obvious leakage, using respirator fit test methods to detect, everyone can immediately understand this point.

Question: will the dust mask be used for a long time? When should I change it?

Answer: with the increase of the particle respirator usage time, the particulate matter filtered will gradually filter up the filter material, and the filtration efficiency will usually increase, and the respiratory resistance will also increase. When the respiratory resistance increases to the wearer's unacceptable, it should be replaced. Long time use also has health problems, or the threat of repeated use of contaminated masks. The protective mask can not be cleaned or sterilized, otherwise the filtration efficiency will be reduced. If you are in contact with the infectious environment, or if the parts are damaged, such as the loss of nose clip, the fracture of the head and the head, and the damage of the mask, it should be replaced immediately.

Q: what is the use of activated carbon mask?

Answer: adding a thin layer of activated carbon or other adsorptive gas materials on the particle respirator can reduce some low concentration of odor gas, that is, to reduce odor. Such as: the odour of a corrupt substance (mainly organic matter). When the concentration of the odor gas is high to harmful health, it is necessary to use a protective mask.

Q: how to judge the life of the dustproof mask?

Answer: the different ambient particulate concentration, particles of different properties, each using different time, various amount of dust particulate respirator is different, and the use and storage of different methods, which will affect the service life of the mask, so there is no way out of the unified regulations of the replacement time. The whole mask should be discarded when any part of the respirator is damaged, and when the respiratory resistance is obviously increased, or when the sanitary requirements are not met.

Question: can the dustproof mask be cleaned?

Answer: any filter element should not wash, whether it is antitoxic or dustproof, otherwise it will destroy the filter element. The respirator can not be cleaned.

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