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What are the safety protection measures for the welding operation?

The main hazards of welding operations include metal smoke and dust (such as heavy metal smoke and dust produced by melting electrodes and weldments), toxic gases (such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, etc.), arc radiation (such as infrared, visible and ultraviolet). So it is necessary to wear personal safety protection products such as protective mask, welding gloves and so on, and improve the working environment.

1. Improve welding technology

Improve welding process and material. By improving the welding technology, the welding operation can be mechanized and automated, and the welding environment can be isolated from each other, so as to eliminate the harm of welding operation to human body fundamentally. Because the harm caused by electric welding is mostly related to the composition of the electrode skin, it is also an effective measure to reduce welding hazards by improving electrode material and selecting non-toxic or low toxic welding rods.

2. Improve the ventilation of the place

Ventilation can be divided into natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. Mechanical ventilation is based on the pressure generated by the fan, and the effect of dust removal and detoxification is better. Therefore, mechanical ventilation is necessary when welding is done in closed indoor natural ventilation.

3. Strengthen personal protection

Strengthening personal protection can prevent the harm of toxic gas and dust produced during welding. Operators must use the corresponding protective glasses, 3M mask 3200 or 8515 welding masks, welding gloves, welding wear overalls, rubber shoes, must not wear short sleeved clothes or rolled up his sleeves, if in a confined space ventilation conditions within the work, but also wear using air of protective helmet.

4. Strengthen education and training

The necessary knowledge education of occupational safety and health should be carried out for the operators of electric welding to improve their self prevention awareness and reduce the incidence of occupational diseases. At the same time, we should also strengthen the welding workplace monitoring toxic dust hazards and welders examination work, timely find and solve the problems.

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