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Flame-retardant / antistatic working clothes

The antistatic effect of the flame resistant and antistatic work clothes is derived from the flame resistant fabric, which is interwoven with conductive fibers, and can have the antistatic effect on the premise of having the function of flame-resistant. It is a kind of clothing with two special protective effects at the same time, for short, it is a flame resistant or antistatic clothing or antistatic and flame resistant clothing. Fabric components used in clothing are cotton flame resistant, flame resistant cotton blended fabric and aramid fiber blended fabric, fine fiber blended fabrics etc.

Flame-resistant / antistatic working clothes

Relatively speaking, the price of cotton fabric is the cheapest, the washing times are low, and the cost of the flame resistant cotton blended fabric is the second. The aramid blended fabric is the most expensive, the flame resistant effect is permanent, and the antistatic performance is durable.

In the choice according to the working environment and protection requirements and economic capacity, not the highest, or the use of flame resistant requirements in washing times on the protective properties under the condition of not too high with aramid fiber blended fabric made of anti-static clothing is relatively easy to cause the waste cotton flame resistant can do. In a word, the best is the right one.

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