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The properties of C&G Safety flame retardant clothing

Flame resistant clothing is very familiar to people who are engaged in special occupations, which is not known to our general population. Let's learn about the related properties of C&G Safety flame resistant clothing.

C&G Safety flame resistant clothing

C&G Safety Flame-resistant clothing is made from Nomex® IIIA fabric. Nomex® is inherently flame resistant. The fiber cannot be burned itself, so the protection is permanent. Many synthetic fabrics are also flame resistant. Flame-resistant chemicals sometimes are added to clothing, to make it particularly resistant to fire.

According to the relevant national standards, the flame-resistant clothing is strictly required for its flexibility, flame retardancy, breaking and tear degree, moisture permeability, bending property and water washing index, so as to protect the human body. This kind of clothing is mainly designed to prevent the human body from being burned by high temperature and open fire. For people engaged in fire fighting, oil fields, petrochemical, welding and other work, fire resistant clothes are necessary. In case of emergency danger, the workers in the fire-resistant clothing can effectively avoid or reduce the damage to the fire.

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