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The four categories of flame resistant workwear

Flame-resistant workwear are the following four categories:

1. High temperature flame resistant workwear: is made of high temperature flame resistant fabric made of protective clothing.

2. Polyester cotton flame resistant workwear: is the use of cross-linked resin, phosphorus flame resistant and other materials to baking baking process finishing polyester-cotton blended fabric made of protective clothing. Its moisture permeability, resistance to melting, washability, flame resistance and strength are better.

flame resistant workwear

3.Cotton flame-resistant workwear: is the use of Pyroatex CP (N-hydroxymethyldimethylphosphonate acrylamide) or Proban NX (tetramethylol chloride, urea condensate) for finishing to have Flame resistant fabric made of flame resistant fabric. With Proban NX finishing, the damage to the raw materials is small, the fabric after the flame resistant, washability and soft feel are better than "CP" flame resistant treatment of the fabric.

4.Aluminum cotton cloth flame resistant clothing: is the use of anti-alumina foil bonding composite method, the surface of aluminum powder coating method or vacuum aluminum foil composite method and other technologies to increase the performance of the fabric surface reflects the radiation performance of the fabric Protective clothing. Among them, the flame resistant effect of the fabric treated by aluminum foil bonding method is better. Flame-resistant aluminum cotton overalls in addition to poor permeability defects, the insulation, flame resistant properties, material compound fastness can meet the requirements.

100% FR Cotton safety coverall

100% FR Cotton safety coverall

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