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China Flame resistant clothing price

Flame resistant clothing is one of the most widely used varieties in personal protective products. The protective principle of flame-resistant clothing is mainly shielding effect such as heat insulation, reflection, absorption, carbonization and isolation, and flame-resistant clothing protects workers from direct fire or heat injury.

China Flame resistant clothing price

The flame resistant clothing fabric, flame resistant fiber fabric in the burning speed of the fiber is greatly decreased in the fire away immediately after extinguish, and the combustion part rapidly without melting, carbonization or dripping holes, to give people time to evacuate the scene or burning off their burning clothes, reduce or avoid burn and scald, to achieve the purpose of protection.

It is widely used in oil field, petroleum chemical industry, gas station, chemical industry, fire protection and so on.

According to the protective function of health protection work clothes, such as radiation-proof clothes, winter clothes, clothing insulation and antibacterial clothing; safety protective clothing, such as flame resistant clothing, anti-static clothing, bullet proof vests, stab, suits, diving suits, acid suits and pest control service; to keep the wearer health work clothes, such as clothing, oil proof dustproof clothing and water repellent clothing.

The structure of protective work clothes is generally characterized by high coverage, high latching and easy operation. Special protective clothing for space suits and diving suits is equipped with corresponding equipment and devices.

Protective clothing materials, in addition to meet the high strength and high wear resistance and wear requirements, often because of the purpose of protection, protection principle is different from cotton, wool, silk, lead and other natural materials, rubber, plastic, resin, synthetic fiber and synthetic materials, to contemporary new functional materials and composite materials. Such as: the impact of para aromatic polyamide and high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber products, fluorine compound oil repellent, anti radiation polyimide fiber, acrylic fiber copper complex antistatic agglomeration, and the related deodorant antibacterial fiber fabrics.


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