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Are anti-static clothing and dust-free clothing just different in name?

There is an essential difference between anti-static clothing and dust-free clothing. The user should select suitable overalls according to the needs of his/her job. The two must not substitute each other.

Anti-static clothing is made of special anti-static clean fabrics. This fabric is made of special polyester filaments, warp or weft inlaid conductive fibers. With high efficiency, permanent anti-static, dust-proof performance, thin, clear texture features.

In the production of anti-static clothing garments, special overlock machinery is used to effectively reduce the generation of particles. Dust-free velcro tapes prevent contamination of the environment due to hair loss. According to the requirements of different grades, different styles are provided, and conductive fibers are used to make the garments maintain electrical continuity. Sleeve trousers have a unique double-layer structure, and the inner layer uses conductive or anti-static ribs to meet the requirements of a high-level dust-free environment.

C&G Anti-static Clothing

C&G Anti-static Clothing

Item No.: BP-QT-FJDF
Material: Antistatic fabric
Color: Blue
Feature: To eliminate electrostatic and avoid any electrostatic spark.
Application: Inflammable and explosive industries like Petroleum, Chemical, Coal, Gas station, LPG station and Oil tanker.
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