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Heat protective suit function and application

High temperature insulation clothing referred to as heat protective suit, also known as: aluminized fire suit, aluminized clothing, flame-resistant heat reflective aluminized clothing or aluminized suit. heat protective suit is one of the important personal protective equipment, heat protective suit with flame resistant, in contact with the flame and hot objects can prevent itself from being ignited, flame burning and smoldering, protect the human body from all kinds of damage protective clothing, divided into petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, glass and other industries high-temperature furnace operation of protective apparel and for the fire, forest fire protection clothing. heat protective suit is mainly divided into two categories: a class for metallurgy, steel, welding and other industries of high-temperature protective clothing, another type for fire protection, forest fire protection clothing insulation clothing.

Heat protective suit function and application

C&G 16H High temperature insulated jacket pants function and application

1. The highest tolerable en ISO 6942 test radiant heat exceeding 95 seconds; 2. Radiation heat has a special resistance, aluminum and substrate material is not easy to peel texture soft;

3. Providing effective protection to persons working in extremely high radiation thermal environments over a longer period of time;

4. Pass EN1486 fire Protection clothing standard test method; 5. Application: Close to fire rescue, metal smelting and other high-temperature furnace in a short period of repair.

Heat protective suit function and application

C&G aluminized clothing Series products selected advanced aluminum fabric, personal protective equipment for the fourth level of "exposure to high risk and severe radiation thermal environment" requirements of the design, the use of exclusive laminating technology, not sandwiched polyester film, effectively blocking high-temperature penetration, while aluminized fabrics add cleangard coating, enhance thermal reflection and protection efficacy, And through the en ISO 11612 insulation Fire Service certification, to provide you with the highest level of insulation safety protection. C&G aluminum foil heat-insulating products complete, provide Heat Protection Hood System, Aluminized thermal insulation clothing,Aluminized coverall/suit,Aluminized jacket and pants,Proximity fire rescue Clothing,Aluminized Apron,Aluminized Sleeves,Aluminized Heat Resistant Leggings and other options available.

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