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Precautions for use of Aluminized fire proximity suit

Aluminized fire proximity suit, also known as heat protective clothing or aluminized fire suit, It is an important personal protective equipment. The heat insulation clothing itself has the flame resistant function, belongs to the flame resistant clothing in a more special kind. A person wearing a heat shield will be able to protect his/her body from all kinds of damage by preventing him/her from being ignited, burned, and exposed to flames and hot objects. It is divided into protective clothing for the operation of oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, glass, etc.

1, Aluminized fire proximity suit is firefighters short time through fire area or into the fire fire personnel rescue, save precious materials, flammable gas valve shut dangerous places, such as wear protective clothing. Firemen must protect themselves with a water gun or water gun for a long time when performing fire fighting tasks. No matter how good the insulation is, it will burn out in the fire.

2. Before using the Aluminized fire proximity suit, it must be certified to check whether it is in good condition.

3. Aluminized fire proximity suit is strictly prohibited to be used in places with chemical and radioactive injuries.

4. The Aluminized fire proximity suit must be equipped with air breathing apparatus and communication equipment to ensure the user can breathe normally at high temperature and contact the fire control officer.

5, after Aluminized fire proximity suit use dirty usable cotton wipe surface soot and smoke, other dirt neuter scour scrub, can use soft brush dips in water clean, forbid water soaking or hammer, rinse after hanging in the open air, natural drying, ready to use.

6. Aluminized fire proximity suit should be stored in a dry, ventilated and chemical-free environment and should be inspected frequently to prevent mold breeding.

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