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FR cooling vest

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FR cooling vest

C&G Cooling Vest

FR cooling vest

Item: TemPro-CV-02

Material: Outer shell: Functional fiber fabric

Inner layer: Waterproof breathable material

Color: Navy blue


Light weight, only 0.8KG

High-tech COOL 3 LAYER structure, better locking water

Physical water absorption water locking mechanism

Keep cooling no less than 4 hours

Easy to use, only need a bottle of water

Application: Hot weather or heated environment

FR cooling vest

Item: TemPro-CV-01

Material: Polyester/cotton fabric

Color: Grey

Feature: Adjustable sizes with side buckle design 

With 8 recyclable hard gel packs, which are made of new energy storage material, total weight is 1.5kg

Use after refrigerating and keep cooling no less than 3 hours

Application: Hot weather or heated environment

Item No.: TemPro-CV-00

Material: Polyester/Cotton fabric

Color: Blue

Feature: Adjustable sizes with side buckle design

With 4 recyclable ice packs, total weight is 1.5kg

Use after refrigerating and keep cooling no less than 2 hours

Application: Hot weather or heated environment

The FR cooling vest is also known as the cooling vest of the cold storage type fireman. It is a personal protective equipment used to solve the problem of physical heat accumulation in fire fighting and rescue work, such as firemen in fire-fighting clothes, fire protection clothing and chemical protective clothing. At present, the cooling vest has been listed in the fire rescue and rescue team of some fire fighting forces. The personal protective equipment of the rescue rescue team is equipped with standard products.

Shanghai Cheng Ge FR cooling vest and heat-resistant cloak appeared in Hefei fire fighting subway fire drill in April 25, 2018. The newly formed heavy load group of Hefei fire brigade was strengthened again on the basis of the original personal protection of the firemen. Each member of the team assembled a high temperature cloak and a cooling vest. The average internal attack time was more than 30% of the conventional protection, which greatly enhanced the ability of the firemen to resist the high temperature in the underground buildings.

What are the characteristics of the FR cooling vest?

1, it can be carried around without affecting movement or exercise.

2, the waistcoat design is in line with the human body shape, suitable for body wear and even cold distribution.

3, constant temperature effect, some models can adjust the temperature.

4, super long cooling time (once used for 5-6 hours) can be recovered by adding cold source.

5, small size, light weight, do not worry about the load.


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