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What are the performance characteristics of aramid flame retardant clothing?

Flame resistant clothing is widely used in oil and gas industry, chemical industry, metallurgy, non-ferrous metals industry, etc. It's said that the company have strict regulations: "Whenever a person enters the company's flammable and explosive places, must wear flame resistant coverall." Which shows the flame resistant clothing plays an important role in reducing the possibility of workers in danger. Aramid fibers are best characterized by their excellent thermal and strength properties.

 aramid flame resistant clothing

Aramid fibers do not ignite, melt or drip, making them excellent choices for flame resistant applications. Para-aramids exhibit high heat resistance comparable to that of meta-aramids.

According to the flame resistant effect, the flame resistant fabric is divided into permanent flame resistant fabrics (such as Nomex iiia fabric, aramid) and post-finished flame resistant fabrics (such as flame resistant cotton fabric). Why is aramid flame resistant fabric the most suitable fabric for workwear? Following characteristics of aramid workwear may give us the answer: 

1 permanent heat and flame retardancy

2 permanent antistatic properties

3 permanent acid and alkali resistance and organic solvent resistance

4 high strength, high wear resistance, high tear resistance

5 no fire drops are produced in the fire, no toxic gas is produced

6 When the surface of the cloth is fired, the cloth surface is thickened to enhance the sealing property and not to be broken.

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