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Hot protective clothing overview

Thermal protective clothing is worn in high temperature environment, can promote the body's heat dissipation, to prevent heat stroke, burns and burns and other hazards of protective clothing, it must have flame resistant, liquid repellency, no droplet burning , In case of heat to maintain the integrity of the clothing and wearing comfort and other properties.

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Hot protective clothing according to the use of different temperatures can be divided into the following categories:

  • High temperature protective clothing <200 ℃
  • Firemen fire extinguishing <200 ℃
  • Industrial insulation service <800 ℃
  • Fire insulation clothing> 800 ℃
  • Fire escape service> 1000 ℃

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Wrong choice of thermal protection clothing

1) The heat shield as a fire escape

The design of the heat shield can be the same as the shield, but the shield can not contact the flame and can not enter the fire field. Otherwise, it will cause damage to clothing.

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2) The industrial thermal clothing as a fire insulation clothing

Industrial thermal insulation fabric safety performance is usually lower than the thermal insulation clothing. The use of glass fiber composite foil, easy to fall off after use, low thermal radiation reflectivity (> 70%) and fire-resistant insulation material is usually aramid high temperature materials, surface aluminum foil is sprayed onto the substrate using high-speed, Surface smooth, easy to fall off, heat radiation reflection efficiency (> 90%), the window of the mirror is different, the fire insulation clothing mask with gilded glass, thermal radiation reflectivity> 95%, industrial insulation usually chrome glass Mirror or polyester transparent mirror, for more than 500 degrees of heat radiation, can not be a good reflection, easy to look into the eyes and face burns.

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3) The high temperature protective clothing and thermal insulation service confused

Insulation clothing and high temperature protective clothing differences, mainly lies in the different ambient temperature and fire conditions.

"High-temperature protective clothing is mainly used in environments where the ambient temperature is within 300 degrees C. The insulated clothes are mainly used in environments where the temperature is more than 300 degrees centigrade, or there is a splash of metal melt.

High-temperature protective clothing reflective heat radiation effect is poor, thermal clothing generally able to reflect off 70% of the heat radiation. "

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4) Heat insulating clothes and fireproof chemical clothes confused

The function of thermal clothing is to isolate the heat. The fire source of more than 70% of the radiant heat reflected off the remaining heat through the insulation barrier to the outside, the temperature rise within the packaging clothing is not more than 25 degrees.

Insulation does not apply to firefighters in the fire and rescue work with radioactive materials, biological materials and hazardous chemicals to wear.

Anti-chemical anti-chemical defensive suit is mainly for chemical disasters, the heat for the source of fire can not be isolated, only flash of heat with protective capabilities. Mainly used in hazardous environments of flammable chemicals.

Fireproof chemical protective clothing external material is aluminum foil, the inner layer of anti-flammable materials, radiation heat has a certain ability to reflect, but still can not be used as thermal insulation clothing. In the high-calorie environment, its chemical resistance will be greatly degraded.

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